Recently Spotted at HVKBP

Check out some recently spotted plants and animals at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park! Make sure you keep an eye out!

  • <p>Sea Lavender: 10-15-2021. Typically found in Coastal Dunes along the shoreline </p> <p>Found in Coastal Dunes along the shore line </p>
  • <p>Yellow Crowned Night Heron: 10-20-2021 Typically seen by the Tidal Creek Trail and the Estuary. (see Map) </p>
  • <p>Coral Bean: 10-27-2021 Typically found by the railroad tracks in the center of the Historic Beach </p>
  • <p>Eastern Lubber Grasshopper: 11-3-2021 Typically found in the dunes and tall grass areas of the park </p>
  • <p>Yellow Necklace Pod: 11-10-2021 Typically found in areas by the Historic train track </p>
  • <p>Black spiny tailed Iguana: 11-17-2021 This invasive species is typically found roaming by the pond or at the Beachfront Village </p>
  • <p>Dune Sunflower: 11-24-2021 Typically found in the coastal dune areas of the shoreline. Also in the Beachfront Village</p>
  • <p>Portuguese Man-O- War: 12-1-2021 Typically found on the shoreline. DO NOT TOUCH! </p>
  • <p>Horseflesh Mahogany: 12-8-2021 It is only found by the railraod track at the north area of the park </p>
  • <p>Moon Jelly: 12/15/2021Typically found on the shoreline</p>
  • <p>Beach Clustervine: 12-29-2021 Located in the Coastla Dune habitats at the north area of the Historic Beach Park</p>
  • <p>Monarch Butterfly: 1/5/2022 Located by the Beachfront Village </p>
  • <p>Strangler Fig: 1/12/2022Typically found in the trails as well as around the northern pavilions</p>
  • <p>Yellow Rat Snake: 1-19-2022Found by the Heron Pond (non venomous snake) </p>
  • <p>Saw Palmetto: 1-26-2022 Typically found all over the Historic Beach. Easily visible from the roped off natural areas</p>
  • <p>Cormorant: 2/2/2022 Located all over the shoreline particularly on the groins</p>
  • <p>Lantana Depressa: 4/13/2022Typically found at the Beachfront Village area. </p>
  • <p>Great Blue Heron: 5/12/2022Typically found either in the Heron Pond or along the historic shoreline </p>